Pete Willett is now a Radio Presenter !! 

Yes! you can tune into me on Tempo fm 107.4MHz or online from the TempoFM website every Tuesday between 2 & 4pm.

You can also text in from the UK on 88990 starting you message with the word TEMPO or e-mail me from anywhere on the planet on

See you Tuesday's!


​The Stan Chronicles eBook 

I’m more than pleased to let you know, if you don’t already that my new eBook ‘The Stan Chronicles’ is out. It can be viewed and downloaded through the website music page and any of the Amazon Internet stores, just type into the search bar Pete Willett and Bam!

Furthermore, it's now available as a paperback that you can actually hold in your hand! Available from this site

I have to mention my eBook publisher’s who made everything so easy for me. I would recommend anyone writing an eBook to contact them for advise and help. Talk to Carole and tell her Stan sent you and all will be fine.

Finally 4 new songs are also out on the web site and on iTunes please find time to have a look and listen.

Very best wishes to everyone.

Pete & Stan xx