Singer / Songwriter / Author (The Stan Chronicles)

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I guess I've been in the music business since I was 10 years old, you can do the maths but hey! it's been a long time.

It all started when I picked up the microphone hanging from the back of an old record player (remember them!) in my junior school and sang to the class.

In all the years of playing in just about every pub, club, restaurant up and down the UK and abroad, I have met dozens of interesting people.

Yep! I've done the lot TV, Radio, been in bands, sang solo and even sang with a brass band. I ran a mobile disco for a few years and had a show on hospital radio and if I think really hard about it I was even in a film whilst teaching a music night class to the Army.

My music styles are varied, I suppose it was what ever paid the most at the time, but my true love has always been story songs and the old six string acoustic guitar.

Have a good look at the photos, listen to the tracks, watch the video, and read some of the history.

Most of all enjoy your time here and thanks for calling!!